Learn the TRUTH that's in the Bible

Without religious bias, this book will explain why our Creator allows terrible things like Covid-19 to happen and much more!

YHWH and the Sacred Secret




There is a Creator! This is the simple truth that is revealed within YHWH and the Sacred Secret. Through careful application of science and logic, as well as a comprehensive evaluation of the Bible, the truth about our Creator is presented clearly and without religious bias. 

        More than fifty different Bible versions are used to reveal how virtually every translation in print today delivers the same message about humankind’s future, one that nearly every religion has failed to teach. YHWH and the Sacred Secret offers the reader a modern interpretation of humankind’s instruction manual: The Bible. 

“Perepelkin's writing is clean, smart, and lively.  His arguments are well-formed, orderly, and economical. Many apologists can often talk a point to death. But, Perepelkin presents his positions  succinctly and directly, making for a quick yet thorough read.” 

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